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Grab your tissues for a beautiful fairy tale…

“Once Upon a Time, there was a mom who wanted to bring the world to her community and family. A mom who knew that dreams came true, and wanted to share that happiness with others. She decided to become a Queen, in order to bring joy to the people she loved the most. Being a Queen is hard work, but there is NOTHING LIKE IT.

Queen Katie spent 6 years building up a dream, which was to serve her family and community with magical memories and happiness that they had never experienced before. The kingdom high and low was filled with tears of sheer joy, with gratitude, with smiles, with hope. The Queen’s heart was filled with joy herself, knowing how many people were changed for the better to have experienced such magic!

As all good people know, fairy tales are true because good always wins, even among great trials. But sometimes, changes have to happen in order to bring the greater good about for everyone. This leads us to the next beautiful chapter of our story: a new King and Queen! Queen Katie knew in her heart that after 6 years, her work was done. She knew that is was time for new hearts to lead the people of the kingdom and spread even more joy than had ever been experienced before! And so it was, with bittersweet feelings of sadness, joy and gratitude, that the Queen passed on her rule to her dear friends, King Chris and Queen Kemi.

Chris & Kemi Busker

King Chris and Queen Kemi have been a part of the royal court for several years, faithfully helping Queen Katie bring smiles to the kingdom. They are now the ones to carry the traditions of happiness, and make new traditions as well. They will serve with glad and humble spirits, with the vision in mind, to always make dreams come true.

And it is with that, the story of Once Upon a Dream Performances comes to a close, only to be transformed into a new name with new ways to bring magic to the kingdom.”It is with great happiness and pride, that I, Queen Katie, retire from my position and hand the keys to the treasure chest of magical memories, to the new owners, Chris and Kemi!

You will see many beautiful changes in the weeks to come: new name, logo, services etc. But the one thing that will not change is the dedication and faithfulness to you! The magic will continue! Please stay tuned as your new King and Queen introduce themselves, and show you just how amazing they are! With much gratitude for all your love, smiles and support these beautiful 6 years,Queen Katie.

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