Trivia Night Was A Success!

Our first Trivia Night happened without a glitch! It was an awesome experience and everyone who attended said they wanted to come again next month! We had four categories of ten questions. The categories were Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Finish that Lyric, and Famous Catchphrases. The winner of each category won a prize and the winner of the entire night won a free one-year membership into the Bedtime Book Club!

After we finished with the questions and announcing the winners, we asked for feedback. The general consensus was that it ended too quickly! So we took the participants’ input and are making it longer! We’re still going to have four categories, but with 15 questions instead of 10. This will give us more questions, more fun, and more time to play!

We asked for suggestions for new categories and we incorporated them into the next Trivia Night. To see the categories, visit the Trivia Night page!

We really hope you can join us for the next one!

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